Practical Evangelism Training

We Train Churches in Evangelism.

Do you need help activating your church in Evangelism? Do you want to see those that don’t yet know Jesus come to know Him? Do you need practical skills in sharing the gospel?

We’ve trained tens of churches, from Anglican to Pentecostal in Evangelism. We deliver a captivating training with your church and then we take those that are a part of the training out witnessing on the streets. We’ve seen hundreds of Christians activated in a lifestyle of Evangelism as a result and many come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


We will get you out on the streets, sharing the gospel in real world situations.


We can train you in a small setting or a large one. We take time to help you learn how to share the Gospel effectively.


We provide entry level training for all ages. Wether you’ve never led someone to the Lord or you’ve led many, we will meet you where you are at and take you to where you could be.

“Andrew is a fantastic leader and communicator, offering a blend of down-to-earth humour, genuine insight and infectious enthusiasm for life that people love.  He doesn’t know the meaning of the word boring and consistently comes up with creative approaches to communicate deep truth and complex concepts to crowds of any size.”  

David Reardon- Youth Alive.

Let’s Activate Your Church Together