Gospel Campaigns

Reaching Nations for Jesus

Do You Want to Win Your Nation for Christ?

We’re currently working on multiple initiatives to reach the Nations for Jesus.

In 2023 we will be leading Gospel Campaigns in Africa, Asia, and Australia.

We’ve been trained by and worked with some of the most seasoned ministries on the planet, from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to Awakening Europe and Christ for All Nations.

We want to partner with you to see a Gospel Campaign in Your Nation too.

Gospel Trucks

We can show you how to turn a standard vehicle into a tool for Jesus! We’ve preached on Gospel trucks and seen thousands come to know Jesus on the streets. We can flood the streets of your city with the gospel too!

Youth Crusades

Research shows that the vast majority of decisions for Jesus are made when people are in their youth. We can partner with you to flood your regions youth with the hope filled message of Jesus.

Mass Gospel Events

We’ve gone behind the scenes at some of the largest gospel events, from Awakening Australia and the Graham Tour (Franklin Graham) in Melbourne, to a Great Gospel Crusade with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda (CFAN) in Nigeria. We want to partner with you for a Mass Gospel Event too.

We are currently working on an exciting initiative in South East Asia. We would love you to partner with us so that we can reach tens of thousands with the Gospel.

Let’s do a Mass Gospel Event Together!