Who Will Go To The Japanese Woman at the Well?

I am writing to you from 35,000 feet above the earth, flying home from Japan via Singapore.

I have just finished two days of ministry in Japan and I am totally in awe of what God did and what He is doing!

While I was there I ministered at a church called “Awakening Tokyo”. During the service, we saw 2 people give their lives to Jesus Christ! Then after the service we preached the gospel on the streets, with many hearing the gospel for the very first time.

I want you to understand the context of, and give perspective about “preaching the gospel on the streets” and “2 people giving their lives to Christ”.

Japan is only 1% Christian.

What’s more, it is the number two nation for the historical killing of Christians, second only to Italy (Rome)!

What we saw was amazing! But there is more!

The church has asked me to return in February to run Evangelism training for their church and several other churches! I believe we could see the Japanese church grow exponentially in the near future. I was literally in awe of what I saw in Japan, an open door for the Gospel like I have rarely seen in all my travels!

You will see below a photo of an old Japanese well. As I stood beside it I had this question come to me, “Who will go to the woman at the well? Who will make the journey to reach the Japanese woman and man who so need the gospel?!”

I will now be putting together a team to join me to go back into Japan to train these local believers in Evangelism. Will you consider joining me? In 2024 I want to open up many opportunities for others to join me on the field in the nations I go. Please prayerfully consider this!

If you can not go, you can sow! Please pray and please give!

Please consider sowing a seed into the harvest in Japan with a gift below so that we can confidently prepare for February 2024 in Japan!

God bless you and I will send you some more updates soon!

The Harvest is RIPE!

Thank you for standing with us!

Andrew Scarborough.

Fire and Rain International Ministries

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