100 Years From Now, What Excuse Will I Bring to Jesus?

We were several thousand feet in the air, flying over the desserts of remote Kenya traveling light in a 6 seater plane. My team mates and I were on a mission.

Our destination, a town called Marsabit. Rocked with years of tribal violence, this town was in desperate need of the love and joy and peace of Jesus.

We were originally to travel by car, but our car company cancelled due to “the dangerous area” and at the last minute we had to charter our own flight with AIM Air, a small missions focussed flight ministry much like it’s more well known partner, MAF.

As we looked out the windows of our plane at the remote villages, my team mate Bronwyn asked a question of the pilot, whose answer I will never forget.

“What made you get into missions as a pilot?”, she asked. “Was it ‘become a pilot’ first, or ‘serve in missions first’?”

The pilot responded, “It was pilot first. Growing up next an airport, lying on the grass watching planes take off and land, I wanted to be a pilot my whole life. After getting my pilot’s licence I had applied to many different airlines, some missions airlines, but none needed pilots at the time, and so I pursued commercial flying. I was flying corporate for a wealthy business making lots of money, when I got the call. “We need pilots for missions now in Kenya.” But I had a great salary, and really I was “living the dream” flying all around the country. I had a choice to make, I could either keep flying corporate or pack up the family and move to Kenya for missions.” I gave my friend the Christian “no”, and said I would “pray about it”. That’s when I had this thought. 100 years from now, when I’m standing face to face with Jesus and He asks me why I didn’t go to Kenya, what good excuse could I give Him? I couldn’t think of one that I would want to give Him. So we moved to Kenya and I’ve been here ever since, that was over 30 years ago.”

Wow, what a perspective. 100 years from now, what will truly matter in eternity?

Somehow I don’t think we will be talking to Jesus about our Caravans, our Coffee’s and our Cruises. I can’t help but think that Money and Mansions and Mustangs will be excluded from the “table talk” at the Great Banquet with our Lord. I don’t think our Vacations and our sporting Victories and our Visits to the local golf course will be what we celebrate with all of heaven.

I’m not saying the above things are bad, but I am saying pursuing them may not be His best.

I firmly believe in heaven, we will be speaking of souls saved, families restored, the work of the cross, and the moves of God across the ages. We will celebrate salvations and deliverance and healing. Anything worthy of a crown we will be laying at His feet. We will celebrate His Kingdom!

My question for you is this, what has God asked you to do, what dream has He put in your hands, what opportunity has He given you that you will have to give account for in 100 years from now? What are you going to say and do about that dream when you are face to face with Jesus?

What if you took what is in your hands and used it for His Kingdom? Your finance, your skills, your time?

Our pilot had a dream, but it was hijacked by the world. Fortunately he took time to reflect and ask the hard question and he chose to use it for the Lord.

Take a moment and ask the hard questions right now, and then do something with your answers, for truly “faith without works is dead.” (James 2:26)

The world needs what you bring. Without our pilot we would have never seen hundreds respond to Jesus in Marsabit. Without your gift, what will the world be missing out on? We need you!

In 100 years from now what decision will you be discussing with Jesus that you made for Him now? You can do it!

I look forward to celebrating your decision with you and with Christ in a 100 years time!

All for His glory!


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