Lazarus, Come Out of that Greek Restaurant!!!

What would you say if you met an older man working in a Greek Restaurant named Lazarus?

My first thought when I met Lazarus two nights ago, our waiter at a Greek Restaurant in Melbourne, was “Is this really his name?”

My second thought was, “Does He know Jesus?”

“Lazarus, do you know the Lord? Are you a believer?”

“Well, um… I haven’t been to church in over 10 years!”

“Don’t you worry about that Lazarus, tonight the church has come to you!”

Lazarus looked encouraged.

“Can we pray for you?” my friend Wawan who was with me asked.

“Yes, give me 5 minutes.”

Lazarus finished serving his table and then beckoned for us to join him out the front of the restaurant. We stood outside and soon after, Lazarus emerged out of the restaurant. There were no grave clothes, but a big smile was plastered on his face as we laid hands on him and prayed for him.

It was in this same manner that I came back to the Lord when I was 19. It was a customer at the restaurant I was at, that prayed for me.

As I walked away from that restaurant I turned to my new friend Jim who was also there that night.

“How many people do you think have prayed for Lazarus at work over the years?”

“Probably none!”

Wow, what a joy to pray for him.

Please join us in praying that Lazarus would truly follow Jesus and the seeds sown that night would go deep.

I once heard it said, “Every one has a need and every need needs a prayer.”

I hope this story encourages you that you can be the church wherever you are.

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