What Took You So Long?

Meet my new friend, Josh Rex.

This morning he shared with me a story that I will never ever forget, a story that you simply must hear.

Josh and his team from Gospel Fire International have been driving and hiking into remote communities in South Sudan over the last few years to reach unreached people groups with the good news of Jesus Christ. These villages are literally in some of the most dangerous and remote places on earth.

On a recent missions trip, their team led a whole village to the Lord, after sharing the gospel with them!

However, in the process of leading this team to the Lord, they were then confronted with a question that will haunt me and inspire me all the days of my life.

“What took you so long?” The village chief asked.

You see, for generations this tribe have believed that their once was a rope between heaven and earth and that this rope was snapped by a serpent (Sounds a lot like the fall in the book of Genesis!).

Ever since adopting this belief, they have been trying to reconnect with God, by offering sacrifices on a nearby mountain, both sacrifices of animals and their own children!

The village has been so desperate to appease the gods and reconnect with their creator, that they even killed their own babies! Just imagine their relief yet utter remorse when they found out that Jesus died for them and that their sacrifices are not, nor ever were required.

“Where were your parents?” The chief asked Josh. “Where were they for our ancestors?”

Josh’s response, “I’m so sorry, but we are here now.”

As Josh shared this story I wept and wept and wept.

How many have heard the call to missions and not gone? How many could have gone to this tribe but chose to stay behind?

“Oh Lord, send me into your harvest fields!”

The world needs the gospel, the question is, who will go and who will send?

We need more labourers in the harvest field.

If you’re called to missions, GO! Stop talking about it and start doing about it.

If you’re called to send, SEND! Give generously and pray fervently.

The harvest has been ripe for generations, yesterday was the time to go, but alas here we are today. What will we do in our generation for this generation?

This is our watch, this our time, this is our responsibility. May it never be said to our children, “Where were your parents?”

Let’s go.


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